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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Exclusive care & Dressage training

for you and your horse.



Since 2017 we have started realizing our dream of our own dressage and training stable.


Baxstables is located in a beautiful location in Leende in Brabant.

Because of the small-scale set-up, we have a good overview of the horses and accommodation.


We believe it is important that every horse and rider gets the attention they deserve.


We have 9 spacious boxes,

2 washing and cleaning places, a well-lit 20x60 outdoor track, lunging area, spacious paddocks and more than sufficient pasture.


We are mainly concerned with the education, training, release and buying or selling of (Frisian) horses.


Meet Team Baxstables


Isabelle Vroomans

From the age of 4 I have been crazy about horses and galloped at the riding stable, on a pony that is far too big for me.


Every free hour I went to the riding school where I got my first pony called MOONSHINE when I was 9 years old. . .

Anton Bax

I have always been on the farm from an early age

and concerned with animals.

Riding at the riding school and on ponies that were kept at our home was one of my hobbies.

After a long time without horses around me, I met Isabelle who of course was very busy with horses.

I immediately enjoyed working with the horses again.

Nowadays I care for, lunge and help young horses ...


The Stars of Bax stables.

At Baxstables, the horses always at first place. Clean, light stables, high-quality food and they go outside every day.

Because it is a small-scale stable, Isabelle and Anton know their horses in and out and they immediately notice every small change in behavior.

In addition, there is still time for a good grooming and cuddle session,

at Baxstables the horses are not a number.

In addition to being a trainer, Isabelle is also a passionate instructor. She knows how to get every horse to the aid and gets the best out of her lesson combinations.

Nandipha Steglich

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