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You can have your horse or pony trained with us from just saddle broke to zz-light level.


We can also arrange the saddle break for you.


We stand for training in a neat horse-friendly manner and are would like to give your horse the time to develop properly.


All agreements concerning training are recorded in a training agreement.


Instruction with your horse or pony up to zz-light level is also possible with us.


In the instruction we look carefully at your wishes and the ability of your horse or pony.


Instruction for lunging is also discussed during a training course when necessary.


Agreements concerning the instruction can be laid down in an agreement if desired.

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In addition to training and instruction, you can also contact us for match guidance.


From trial-oriented training to learning how to ride a trial.

Guidance at a competition is also an option.


For more information about this, please contact us via the button below.


If you have plans to purchase a horse or pony, we can assist you with guidance and advice.


We can also help you find the right horse for you.


Tell us your wishes and what you want in the future with your horse / pony and we can see in our circle or outside for you whether there is a suitable match.


And if you have already found a horse or pony yourself, we can see if it is really something for you.


Would you like a clinic given by Isabelle Vroomans at your location?


If you would like to organize a clinic at your location, please feel free to contact us via the button below and discus the option.


Possibilities are one or two days 8 combinations per day.


Would you like to have your horse on the Ibop then you have come to the right place.


We provide the training for you up to the day of the Ibop.


Your horse will be well cared for and we will always aim for a top score.


If you are interested in having us bring your horse to the Ibop, please feel free to contact us via the header below.

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